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Now we offer a possibility of watches made only for you. You can choose a drawing for your watch by which we will make it exactly the way you want it to be. We will contact you for more details of your watch like its quality and other features you would wish to add to your timepiece. The total project price will be calculated after we have clarified all the personal needs with you. If you are not sure if your idea will fit into your budget limits, before ordering, we recommend you make an inquiry with us by email:



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Following the sell-out of the first collection of watches, we received some inquiries from our customers asking if there would be a possibility to order custom made watches exclusively designed to meet their personal needs – that is to customize the watch face and case to the unique needs and requests of the customers as well as add a movement by their preference. Now it all depends on your choice of: 

- material

- design (size, shape, etc.) 

- resistance to water

- selected movement

- package 

and all of the rest that is possible to make following your expressed desires and preferences and, surely, the possibilities. In some of the exclusive cases, we also offer projects of a single watch. 

Naturally, the duration of the creation process depends on the complexity of a timepiece which has to be made, but it is also determined by the personalization type selected for the watch. Thus, the production term may vary from a month to a year.

Gifts of a personalized watch are an excellent opportunity for those wishing to make their family celebrations and anniversaries (wedding anniversaries) a lifetime experience, or for business companies and other enterprises to mark their jubilees and important dates. 

This year we have planned the capacity of fulfilling up to 5 orders (the number of orders may be subject to change as this depends on the complexity of each order), therefore we would highly encourage you to contact us should you be thinking of using this opportunity.


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