Since my childhood I have been profoundly interested in the exact sciences as I am a person who likes precision, shapes and numbers. So there is little wonder that in my early days my attention was often caught by items that I thought I would love to scrutinize so that I could comprehend their operating principle and find opportunities for their improvement.

In my youth, there werenʼt many watches. Naturally, people cherished them a lot and appreciated their value. I still remember being told off on numerous occasions by my parents for getting my hands on their "jewel" and opening the watchcase to absorb the sight of the functioning mechanism inside. As time went by, my passion for gazing at the watch parts at work grew into a habit of taking them apart and putting them back later. I wouldnʼt be able to remember the exact time I became a caretaker of my friendsʼ watches, so no one got really surprised when they heard I had chosen a watchmaking course to be trained in. Back then, there were still some watchmakers to be found in my home region who were eager to pass their expertise and experience down to other generations. Regretfully, watcmaking as a craft has disappeared.

I have been working as a watchmaker since 1989. Over the three decades in my trade, I have seen and repaired watches of different kinds, ranging from the simplest and cheapest items to the most luxurious ones. Working in this field, I have been closely following the shifting trends of style, fashion and quality. The items I happened to see on display at international fairs, conferences and in exhibitions constantly urged me to search for manufacturers offering the best materials and parts for my watches. Every watch is composed by several tens of various miniature parts that need to be flawless so that they would show as little wear in time as possible. I couldnʼt boast, however, of having dismantled and assembled all of the worldʼs watches yet, but I donʼt think I should do it either as this would be absolutely irrelevant. As every person, I have dreams and aspirations of my own that keep me on the go in constant search of ways for improvement!!!

One of my dreams I set out to pursue was to launch my own line of watches – the watches that would reflect my personality as well as my views and temper. I had been nurturing this idea for a long while as I am that sort of person who is keen on completeness and perfection, so this is exactly what my creations were meant to be like, too.

And here I am! - marking my 30th anniversary of being in the trade, I finally realized I had grown mature enough for this step to take. From that moment on, I have been building up my creative path in collaboration with a team that, working hand in hand, seek ways of turning the project of personal watches, fostered in my head, into a reality.

Vismantas Laurinavicius